Stairway to Success as a Realtor® -
Marketing print materials for real estate agents and brokers. Includes magazines, brochures, flyers and tri-folds. Servicing San Antonio, Austin, San Marcus, Houston, Boca Raton, Ft. Lauderdale, Jupiter, Stuart and Palm Beach. We help you reach your success.
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Stairway to Success as a Realtor®

Stairway to Success as a Realtor®

There are NO elevators to success, you must take the “STAIRS”

Stairway to Success as a Realtor®





You need to step up to becoming a brand. The market must see you as a brand. All successful brands first steps were the right marketing. Deliver your Real Estate Services/Marketing with the same quality and consistency every time and on everything you do. Starting with your headshot, farming mailers, listing presentations, property presentations, lead generation, business cards etc.

Differentiate yourself from the competition. The investment in differentiation pays off in real results, the ROI is high. The majority of Real Estate Agents today are followers and not leaders. Be a LEADER of your market and the business will follow.


Fixed Observation Consciously Upon Services! To succeed, all focus must be on your marketing, marketing of the product(s) you are representing and how you serve the market, NOT YOURSELF. Focus on your product and how you serve your customers. You are selling Real Estate. Focusing on the Real Estate both buyers and sellers will focus on YOU when they need Real Estate services.


Make a clear communication plan and a timeline for the seller. A good timeline will make sure all expectations of the customer is met and making sure that the seller has the correct expectations, most importantly you will be perceived as very professional. The key to a happy customer is one that feels they are never out of touch. Make sure that you follow through.


Identify your sphere of influence (friends, family, professional networks, clubs, associations.) Make sure they are getting everything that you do and especially all your listings and sales. The key is to make sure that the people who would speak highly of you are tuned in to what you are doing.


Create a powerful Listing Presentation with a documented history of who you are and what you do. There are a few success criteria that differentiate you from the competition;

Communication – Make sure you are communicating facts about the broker, the reach, partners, your marketing, your knowledge and your successes. You should also create a Listing Presentation book, Brochure, Folder or Magazine to market yourself.

Property Presentation – Have examples of similar Property Presentations so the seller can visualize how their home can be presented. It’s important that they see, touch and feel it. Show them how you want to make sure that their home is presented in the very best way versus similar properties.

Just Listed/ Just Sold – have examples with you of postcards or flyers from previous jobs so the seller can see, touch and feel it.

We strongly recommend that you leave behind examples of what you do to show the potential sellers how you do it. There are several agents that are using their Listing Presentations as their preferred Business Card.


Use only professional photos on your listings. Use it on both rentals and sales. Make sure that they are professionally edited. High quality photos get more attention both online and offline. This represents your brand and what you do to make sure each home is presented optimally. When it comes to selling real estate in the 21st century, it all begins with high quality professional photos. No exceptions. It is the highest ROI decision you can make for yourself as a brand.

If possible edit some twilight shots (or real) since we see increased clicks and attention on homes with twilight shot as the first photo online.



One of the most effective steps in getting referrals. Make sure you have something that differentiates you from the competition. Most of the competition are not presenting homes in an optimal way. The difference is a printed presentation of the highest quality.

It’s important to have a plan on what you want to do and how you are going to present that particular home. It’s important that you are distributing your pieces effectively. We recommend the following strategy for distributing them;

The Seller They take pride in their home and will love to share the beautiful magazines you made. They are growing your influence FOR YOU by sharing these pieces with friends and family

Neighbors They may have a friend who would like to move into the neighborhood and may soon be interested in selling their own home

Open Houses Hand out brochures/magazines/flyers to every attendee! They will keep these impressive materials and remember YOU the next time that they need a real estate specialist

Sphere of Influence Friends, family, professional connections, etc.

Expired Listings Send samples of your marketing to recently expired listings to show home owners how you will market their properties differently

Listing Presentations Show your high quality marketing pieces to potential clients and show them how you will make their home stand out and sell for the best price. Each piece of marketing you hand out is a step on the stairway to success. If you list 10 homes a year and are creating 100 pieces for each home. You have distributed 1000 high-end marketing pieces to many potential sellers. This guarantees more referrals and more listings.



It is important to show the community, neighbors and potential sellers that you are active and successful in their area. Whether your listing is inside of your targeted farming area, or in an area that you would like to start farming, postcard mailings are a proven and effective way to reach new customers. We highly recommend ordering extra postcards on each production so that you have samples of your marketing materials to show to potential sellers. Remember to use mailers actively as a selling argument on your listing presentations, even though most postcards generate far more sellers than buyers.

We strongly recommend to use just listed/on the market/just sold postcards as a part of your monthly activities. Be sure to base every mailer on your fresh inventory or the respective market’s MLS activity. No matter what you do in regards to mailers, make sure that they are the same high quality as everything else that you do for your marketing because everything you do reflect your brand and how you sell and market properties for sale. See more under farming.



Focus on Facebook, Tulia, Zillow and MLS. Make sure you have optimized your listing for the relevant media.

There are two key words for Social Media Marketing – Content and Relevance. If you have content that is relevant – post it. If it isn’t – do not post it; A simple, yet effective strategy with proven results to grow your online presence.

We have several programs to help you optimize your Facebook and your listings online.


There is a reason why Farming is here on our “Stairway of Success.” When you have considered and made a plan for everything above this you are ready to farm. When we farm, we evaluate your inventory to make sure you are marketing yourself and your business in the most optimal way. The key to farming is to generate leads and listing appointments. It is key that you show your activity or MLS activity, your marketing skill, and your successes in an effective way. We want you to create pieces that grab the immediate attention of the potential seller. If you don’t have a plan and are only sending out low quality material that is pre-made it is better not to send it.

Consistency is the key; it may take 4 to 6 months before you see results.

You can start to farm an area before you have a listing and/or done business in that area as long as you have taken the first 9 steps.



Create a daily search for listings that expired and you would like to list. Send or deliver to the owner of the expired some samples of your high quality marketing. This will show the sellers the quality and difference you can bring to their property.



Create a buyer presentation with relevant content for buyers. The package should include the marketing pieces you have used for the listed property together with information about you and the quality you can deliver.


By doing step 1-12 you have put yourself in a position to generate significantly more direct referrals. You are professional, consistent and you are differentiating yourself from the competition. Your brand and your focus will attract significantly more potential sellers and you will win significantly more listing appointments and grow your business.