Services & Pricing

Standard Photography Pricing

Our standard photography packages below can be customized with any add-on services you’d like. All packages include standard retouching.

[qode_pricing_tables columns=”four_columns”][qode_pricing_table title=”Up to 15 Photos” title_tag_standard=”h3″ show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”149″ currency=”$”]

  • Recommended for 0-2000 SF
  • Standard retouching included

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Up to 20 Photos” title_tag_standard=”h3″ show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”169″ currency=”$”]

  • Recommended for 2001-3500 SF
  • Standard retouching included

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Up to 25 Photos” title_tag_standard=”h3″ show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”189″ currency=”$”]

  • Recommended for 3501-5000 SF
  • Standard retouching included

[/qode_pricing_table][qode_pricing_table title=”Up to 35 Photos” title_tag_standard=”h3″ show_button=”no” active=”no” price=”209″ currency=”$”]

  • Recommended for 5001-6500 SF
  • Standard retouching included



Great photography takes more than just an expensive camera. We have over 20 years of experience capturing, retouching and delivering the highest quality real estate photos.

We photograph all of our shoots with professional-level DSLR cameras and wide angle lenses. We utilize High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques to make sure photos are evenly exposed, interiors look bright and welcoming, and colors are vibrant and accurate without blown out windows or loss of detail in shaded areas. Then our in-house retouchers use advanced photo editing software to ensure your images are color corrected and retouched to our professional standards. All images are delivered to you through our online client portal the day after your photo shoot, and include our online property listing page.

With over 50,000 homes photographed we have the experience and knowledge to properly photograph and market your next listing.

Retouching Levels

We offer 3 levels of retouching so you can select the exact look that you’d like for your property photos. Standard retouching is included on all photo shoots at no additional charge.

Deluxe and Enhanced retouching can be added when you schedule your photo shoot through our client portal or by calling us to book. Prices vary depending on number of photos delivered.


All Deluxe and Enhanced retouching orders include our exclusive Video Virtual Tour with music created from your images (a $29 value).

Standard Retouching

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Correct color balance”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Straighten perspective”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Sharpen”]

Deluxe Retouching

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Standard Retouching”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Video Virtual Tour”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Blue skies”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Green grass”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Enhanced window views”]

Enhanced Retouching

[icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Deluxe Retouching”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Video Virtual Tour”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Fires in fireplaces”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Pictures on TV screens”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Screen savers on computers”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Replace burnt light bulbs”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Remove pool cleaning equipment”][icon_list_item icon=”fa-check” icon_type=”transparent” icon_color=”#73c93e” title=”Blue pool waters”]

Add-On Services

Add any of these services when you schedule a photoshoot

Twilight Photography

Stunning magazine twilight photography stands your homes out from the rest on-line. Our twilight images are photographed during the “Golden Hour” of light and create a vision of your property that home buyers remember.

The stunning colors of sunset combined with the warm and inviting window light create an illusion of your home that separates it form the others online. Twilight images are proven to attract 200 to 300% more online views.



Drone Aerial Photos & Videos

Aerial photos offer an eye-catching, elevated perspective of a house and the property’s surroundings.

All of our drone operators are FAA 107 Certified and use the latest in drone technology to capture stunning aerial photos and video.

Add drone aerial photos/video to any of our photo packages when scheduling your photoshoot.





HD Video Tours

Showcase your listing with high definition video and virtually bring your prospects inside for a complete tour of your latest listing. All videos are produced using the latest in high definition video cameras and image stabilization equipment. Professionally edited to include a branded and MLS complaint version. All videos feature royalty-free music and narration is available upon request.



[qode_video_box video_image=”156″ video_link=”″]

Matterport 3D Tours

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours give your potential buyer a hands-on walk through of your homes. With Matterport buyers can see your floor plans with 360 panoramic images and in full virtual reality with googles on.

Matterport is an excellent way to showcase your homes to out of town or state buyers. Let them experience the home online before they see it in person.

Our Matterport operators are fully trained in the use of the cameras and our in-house post production assures that all images are professionally retouched and look their best.



2D & 3D Floorplans

We can create 2D or 3D floorplans with accurate scale. Help your buyers visualize themselves in a property with eye-catching floorplans.





Virtual Staging

FlashitSold’s Virtual Staging design team can help your home buyers visualize their future home. Virtual staging is the perfect solution for turning an unfurnished property into a professionally decorated home. Hassle free, low cost, time effective, and a quick turnaround!



Daylight to Dusk Retouching

We retouch daytime photos of the property to transform them into beautiful simulated twilight photos.





Print Materials

We specialize in creating and producing the highest quality printed marketing materials. From custom property brochures to agent branding, and more, we are your one stop shop for eye-catching print materials.

  • Property Flyers & Brochures
  • Postcards/Mailing Campaigns
  • Business Cards
  • Custom Agent Brochures
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